Sense chair that combines ergonomics with the high demands of a chair. The autonomous and unique way of adjusting the height of the back and the seat offers exemplary comfort compared to other chairs.

The base of the chair is pentagonal made of die-cast aluminum.

The reclining mechanism of the chair is a "Synchro" mechanism and is made of die-cast aluminum and steel.

It has an "Anti-panic" system and an adjustment system for balanced reclining depending on the user's weight.

The seat is made of thermoplastic polyamide.

The back is connected to the reclining mechanism via a frame made of die-cast aluminum and thermoplastic polyamide components.

The chair has a headrest, which is made of thermoplastic material, polyurethane foam and upholstery.


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SenseSeat height adjustment
For adjustment of the seat height, find the flaps on the handle A underneath the right side of the seat. While seated push the flap onwards to lower the seat height. To raise the seat, get up and repeat the above procedure.


SenseTilt adjustment of the backrest
There are up to five different positions for a seat - back reclination. To choose the desired position, find the rotor B beneath the seat, at the right side. Turn clockwise once to unlock the backrest. Move your weight backwards; find a convenient position and then turn the rotor B clockwise, once again, to lock in the desired  position. Having unlocked the seat and the back, you can change the position using the pressure of your body. 


SenseBackrest tension adjustment
The hardness of the tilt of the seat and back can be adjusted depending on the user’s weight through the rotor C which is located below the seat.


SenseSeat Depth Adjustment
On the right side of the seat, there is a small button D. while seated, press this adjusting button and lean against the backrest. Then move the seat forward against the gas spring pressure and release the button when the seat reaches the desired position. The seat can be adjusted up to 60mm and stabilazed at 7 positions.



SenseAdjustment of the armrest
The height of the armrests can be adjusted through the buttons underneath. Find and press the button E in both armrests until you find the desired position. By releasing the buttons you can choose one of the preselected positions. The armrest pads can be rotated right and left with automatic locking in the preferred position.


SenseBackrest height adjustment
In order to adjust the backrest height, grasp the carrying bracket on the right and left side (while seated) and press the two buttons F on the back simultaneously. When the buttons are released, the telescopic support locks in to place you prefer.


Headrest Adjustment (optional)

Push the headrest bracket upwards or downwards on the desired position.


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