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The 5-star base of the chair is made of thermoplastic polyamide with a diameter of 640mm.

The seating mechanism is a “Synchro” mechanism and is made of steel and die-cast aluminum. It allows a 28° synchronized movement of the seat.

The seating plate is made of injection molded Polyamide . On the seating plate lies a cushion made of expanded polyurethane foam with 50 mm thickness, which is upholstered with the chosen fabric.




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OneSeat height adjustment
For adjusting the seat height, you will find a lever A underneath the right side of the seat. While seated, pull the lever upwards to lower the seat height.When you take your weight off the seat and you pull the lever upwards, the seat rises.


OneTilt adjustment of the backrest
There are up to four different positions of the seat and back reclination. To select the desired reclination, look for lever B below and to the left of the seat cushion.Push it forward to unlock the backrest. Let go of your weight back, find the position that suits you and push lever B back to lock in the desired position. With the seat and back unlocked, you can change the tilt according to the pressure of your body.


OneBackrest tension adjustment
The hardness of the tilt of the seat and back can be adjusted depending on the user’s weight through the crank C which is located below the seat.


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