Prestige seats with main features the impeccable aesthetics and the anatomic design. The original relax mechanism with adjustable pressure offers unique comfort. LINE series is a combination of high standards design and functionality, offering the chair accompanying your successes.

Office swivel chair with 5-star base made of die-cast aluminium with polished or powder coated finish.

The seat and backrest are made in one-piece and made of expanded polyurethane foam, upholstered with fabric or leather.

The chair is height adjustable through a gas lift.

The chair mechanism of the one-piece seat and backrest is of RELAX type, made of die-cast aluminium and steel. 

The mechanism is equipped with an anti-panic function for smooth and controlled backrest return to normal position and with adjustment for the return and balance force, depending on the user weight.

In the LINE-S conference chair version, the chair is manufactured exactly like the LINE chair, but without the RELAX mechanism.


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LineSeat height adjustment
For adjustment of the seat height, find the flaps on the handle A underneath the right side of the seat. While seated push the flap onwards to lower the seat height. To raise the seat, get up and repeat the above procedure.


LineTilt adjustment of the backrest
There are four different positions for a seat - back reclination. To choose the desired position, find the crank B beneath the seat, at the right side. Turn clockwise once to unlock the backrest. Move your weight backwards; find a convenient position and then turn the crank B clockwise, once again, to lock in the desired position. Having unlocked the seat and the back, you can change the position using the pressure of your body.


LineBackrest tension adjustment
The hardness of the tilt of the seat and back can be adjusted depending on the user’s weight through the crank C which is located below the seat.

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