S Vip E

S Vip E

Visitor chairs of the S Vip series, with a separate seat and back. The chair has a tall back for better comfort. Also, the chair has a steel frame in an S shape either chromed or painted in a wide variety of colours.It can be offered as a managerial visitors chair or a working visitors chair, according to the selection of a wide variety of fabrics, technical leather and real leather that is available.

Visitor’s chair (stackable).

The frame is made of a round steel tube in an "S" shape.

The top part of the frame serves, also, as a base for the armrests, made of a black polyurethane of medium – hardness.

The seat and the backrest are made of formed plywood withexpanded polyurethane foam cushions which are upholstered with material of choice.


S Vip E

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S Vip E

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