Action D

Action D

The ACTION D seat ensures comfort during work. It stands out for it's excellent quality, it's innovative design and it's attractive price.

Available with synchro mechanism, which allows the synchronized tilt of the seat and backrest, with ability to stabilize in 5 positions, "Anti-panic" system for smooth and controlled back reset and adjusting system for balanced tilt depending on the user's weight.

Seat height adjustment.

The base of the seat is a five- star  base made of casted aluminum painted with electrostatic paint.

Adjustable backrest height with ease (regardless of seat) in 5 positions.

The seat armrests are adjustable in height. The upper part of the arms can be rotated. The contact surface of the arms can be moved back and forth in 6 positions.

Support  is offered for the lumbar region of the user.

  Action D

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Action D

Action D


Action DSeat height adjustment
For adjustment of the seat height, find the flaps on the handle A underneath the right side of the seat. While seated push the flap onwards to lower the seat height. To raise the seat, get up and repeat the above procedure.


Action DTilt adjustment of the backrest
There are five different positions for a seat - back reclination. To choose the desired position, find the crank B beneath the seat, at the right side. Turn clockwise once to unlock the backrest. Move your weight backwards; find a convenient position and then turn the crank B clockwise, once again, to lock in the desired position. Having unlocked the seat and the back, you can change the position using the pressure of your body.


Action DBackrest tension adjustment
The hardness of the tilt of the seat and back can be adjusted depending on the user’s weight through the crank C which is located below the seat.


Action DAdjustment of the armrest (4D)
The height of the armrests can be adjusted using the E button.
Pushing the E button and move the armrest up or down. When you find the desired height, release the button.
The armrests move widthwise through the lever F present at the bottom of the seat. Push lever F down to release the armrest. Move the armrest in and out until you find the desired position. Push lever F up to lock them again.
The surface of the armrests can be moved forward and backwards by pressing towards the desired direction. The armrest pads can be rotated right and left with automatic locking in the preferred position.


Action DBackrest height adjustment
To adjust the height of the backrest, pull it up and release it to the position where it is being used.
It locks in five positions.
To lower it down, pull all the way up and press loosely down.


Action DSupport of the lumbar vertebra
The lumbar support is integrated on the backrest of the seat. To enhance lumbar support, move it up and down with both hands until it reaches the desired point.


Action DHeadrest Adjustment
Adjust the headrest with both hands and push it up or down until you find the desired position.

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