Dromeas created 5 new sofa models, based on modern design lines.
They are designed with the aim to provide maximum seating comfort and durability despite heavy use.
There is a wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose the one that suits your taste.
The cushion upholstery is removable for easy cleaning.

Sofa with backrest and narrow armrests (22cm)

The base is made of metal and attached on it are the backrest, the armrests and the transverse beam, all made of wood.
All components are covered with expanded polyurethane foam and are upholstered with the chosen material.

The seat cushions are made of high density expanded polyurethane foam and are placed on elastic bands.

The backrest cushions are made of bead silicon.

The upholstery fabrics of the seat and backrest cushions have zippers and are removable.

There are also additional armrest covers with pockets for small objects.

The sofa has legs made of round steel tube with nickel-plating. At the bottom of the legs there are special glides made of polyamide for floor protection.



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