The Slim desk series has been designed in an effort to create innovative products that emphasise the need for environmental consciousness. It was designed according to the rules, regulations and specifications of the European Union, emphasising the new environmental policy of the company and the consequences of human development on the environment. It is distinguished by the high aesthetics, efficient ergonomics, the wide range of materials, colors and dimensions available and its flexibility to adapt in all office spaces for any level of management.

The series include managerial desks, working desks and conference tables.

They are produced in many material combinations of frame (stainless steel tubes or powder coated steel tubes of 40mm diameter, with optional height adjustment) and desktop surfaces (glass surface, or compact laminate, or veneer covered chipboard, or HPL covered plywood).

The connecting elements are made of aluminium die-cast and work in a non-visible manner.

All desktop types with the exception of the glass ones, can have modesty panels of 18mm thickness, as well as cable channels.

The painted and transparent glass surfaces are made of “EXTRA CLEAR SECURIT” glass, while the ones with chemical sandblasting are made of “CLEAR SECURIT” glass.



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