Euro new line

Euro new line

The contemporary, functional design with emphasis in aesthetics is the main characteristic of the EURO New Line desk series.
The frame, fully constructed by the method of die-casting and rolling without the necessity of any welding, offers the absolute choice for design with perfect finish and excellent application of contemporary elements

All the working surfaces are from double-side melamine film coated 3-layer chipboard of 25mm thickness with 2 mm edge-banding

The metal frame consists of 2 aluminium extruded cylindrical legs with 110mm diameter and aluminium die-cast legs and desktop support brackets.

The modesty panels of 300mm height are made of perforated steel sheet. All metal components are powder coated.

There is the option for mounting a metal cable channel under the desktop surface and rosettes of cable passing in the working surface.

The rotunda tables have 4 cylinder aluminium feet with diameter of 75mm



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Euro new line

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