VIP Light

VIP Light

Dynamic design, elegant presence in the space, and functionality characterize the VIP LIGHT executive desk. These elements, combined with the aesthetically pleasing glass front, make this particular choice essential for every executive aiming for success. Additionally, the option of integrating an extension with a high-specification drawer creates an executive desk focused on functionality and high aesthetics.

The VIP LIGHT desk is made of three-layer particleboard with a thickness of 38 mm and is coated on both sides with melamine.

Additionally, the front consists of 25 mm melamine particleboard and features a 4mm thick extra clear glass coating in black or beige color. Moreover, the option of integrating an extension with a drawer creates an executive desk with a focus on functionality and high aesthetics.

ERGONOMICS - The addition of an extension and the integrated drawer make the life of every executive easier, allowing them to perform at their best in a position with special demands. Additionally, the rosettes and optional channel ensure secure cable passage and the placement of power strips beneath the surface.

HIGH AESTHETICS - The executive desk, entirely made of particleboard, is a choice with particularly high aesthetics for every executive who wants to add prestige to the space. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability over time. Additionally, the painted glass front complements the choice in an extremely elegant and discreet manner.

DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE - At DROMEAS, we guarantee the quality of our products and services with documented evidence. We provide a 5-year warranty for products (exception: 2-year warranty for height adjustment pistons of chairs). Additionally, we offer a 7-year deposit for spare parts. Quality certificates, warranties, and supportive services to our customers constitute the "DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE."

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VIP Light

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