Euro one

Euro one

The managerial series EURO ONE was designed for individuals with high demands of their workplace. Elegant proposition which reflects prestige and supremacy.

EURO ONE series was designed for individuals with premium quality demands of their workplace. The elegant proposition reflects prestige and supremacy.

The EURO ONE Series consists of executive desks and conference tables

All desktop surfaces are made of 30 mm thick MDF, covered with artificial veneer, which is coated with suitable varnishes.

All edges are rounded while the corners are designed with double curvature.

The desks are mounted on two side legs made of MDF of 44 mm thickness with curved edges.

The modesty panels and transverse beams are made of MDF of 22 mm thickness with a curved bottom edge.

In all desks and conference tables there is the option for mounting a metal cable channel under the desktop surface and rosettes of cable passing in the working surface.



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Euro one

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