In what industry the company DROMEAS SA operates?

DROMEAS SA was founded in 1979 and specializes in the production and marketing of office furniture, partition walls, filing systems and custom made furniture solutions. The company is located in the industrial area of Serres, 80 km northeast of the port of Thessaloniki. Production facilities cover 55,000 square meters, situated in a plot of 115.0000 square meters.

What is the country of origin of DROMEAS’s products?

All the products marketed by DROMEAS SA, in the Greek and Global market, are manufactured by DROMEAS. The production process is fully integrated with modern equipment in the fields of wood processing and dyeing, processing and tempering steel, aluminum die casting, plastic and polyurethane molding, production of metal components and processing wallpaper.

What is the Company\'s environmental policy?

The Company is committed to a continuous effort to meet the growing demands of its customers, while improving its environmental performance in all of its activities. Establishing the ability to measure the effect of the Company’s continuous efforts with objective indicators and obtain a powerful tool in helping to respond in the best way in this Environmental Policy, the Company has designed and installed an Environmental Management System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001. Our Company, taking into account the principles of sustainable development, sought to identify all environmental aspects arising from the exercise of its activities and to monitor those that cause significant effects on the environment, to establish, document and reviewing environmental objectives and targets taking into account the significant environmental aspects, technological developments, economic and operational requirements, comply with the applicable Greek and EU environmental legislation, manage waste (solid and liquid) and emissions in accordance with the environmental permits and applicable laws and to communicate these requirements to the respective vendors, constantly train all personnel whose work affects in any way the Environmental Management System in environmental issues and their respective responsibilities, to make lasting improvements in the prevention and management of pollution. Finally, DROMEAS SA aims at creating and maintaining a relationship of trust with the local community and providing environmental information to the general public.

What is the guarantee provided by the Company for all its products?

The Company provides a 5 years warranty on all its products from receipt and for routine use, except for the chair gas pistons where a 2 year warranty is offered. The product support with spare parts is at least for 10 years. The Company has a direct and continuous technical support, for an outstanding customer service.

What is the company\'s presence in Greece and abroad?

The Company’s sales network consists of 32 branded stores in major cities in Greece and the Balkans. Finished products and accessories are exported in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Cyprus, Russia, Bulgaria and Albania. The Company is the exclusive supplier of office furniture for all Services of the European Commission in a global scale.

What is the delivery time of ordered goods?

Within 30 days from the date of the written order.

Why buy DROMEAS’s furniture?

The Company is currently the largest manufacturer of furniture in Greece and one of the largest in Europe in terms of infrastructure, technology, facilities, productivity and product quality. Its products are at the forefront in terms of aesthetics, design, usability and ergonomics. Combined with the quality and price competitiveness and the company’s response to customer requests before and after the sale, we offer the best office solution available on the market.