In DROMEAS we guarantee the quality of our products and services with actions.
The satisfaction of our customer constitutes a fundamental principle of our business philosophy. 
In the global office furniture market the meaning of quality entails specific values.

  • Ergonomics
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Health and safety of the user
  • Environmental protection from the raw materials and manufacture of our products up to their use and recycling

Our products and services are certificated as to the above from recognized international organizations, according to the European and International Standards

We provide:

  • 5 year warranty for the products  
  • Stock of spare parts for 7 years
  • Ergonomic design and organization of your office space

The guarantee applies to all products for normal use.

A 24-month warranty is provided for the seat piston and the artificial leather upholstery, a guarantee of good use.

The quality certificates, the warranties and the supporting services to our clients, compose the «DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE».


DROMEAS Quality Control Warranty

Our service DROMEAS QUALITY CONTROL GUARANTEE is an important extension of the warranty for the products which we provide to our clients. 
It includes the on site control of the proper condition of the furniture and the ergonomic function of the workplaces.

The purpose of this control is to utilize the investment that our clients made in their workplaces and also the continuous improvement of working conditions, so that the well- living of the employees in the workplaces can contribute to productivity growth and positive working atmosphere.  

The DROMEAS QUALITY CONTROL GUARANTEE is provided by our company with the scientific support of the Ergonomics department of the NTUA and the GES (Greek Ergonomics Society) as well by specialized scientists. 

The program of our service includes:

  • On site control of furniture and workplaces and mechanisms’ adjustment if necessary.
  • Drafting a control results report, with highlights and proposals to the Administration of the company – client.
  • Personal analysis to the members of the Administration from the company – client if requested.

The service is provided without any charge to all of our big clients.