Corporate Social Responsibility

DROMEAS is inextricably linked to the community in which it operates. We acknowledge our responsibilities to society and the environment.
Our goal is to contribute to society as a whole, to respect the environment we have inherited, and to improve living standards and quality of life.



20 years ago, the words recycling, sustainable development and environment protection had no special magnitude and importance for the societies

The last decades with the rapid development of manufacturing industry, the transportations and the ever increasing energy production, in conjunction with the reckless use of dangerous substances, gases and raw materials, shows the «danger signal» of uncontrolled ecological disaster of the planet.

Scientists with the support of technology are working intensively for the deterrence of these detrimental consequences to the environment. In parallel, societies are more and more sensitive for the environmental protection; they are searching for «green» and recycling products, supporting at the same time the production of mild and environmental friendly, energy, etc.

Attention to the Evaluation

Beyond the positive side that has the awareness of the society, the choice of the most «green» product is not always easy. The factors which are affecting or defining the ecological status of a product are many and sometimes complex, like:

  • The quantity of raw material and the  required energy for its production
  • The required energy for the recycle of raw material of the product, after the end of its lifetime
  • The lifetime of the product with raw and secondary materials
  • The required energy for the transportation of raw materials to the place of production
  • The required energy for the transportation of the product from the place of production to the place of consumption
  • Processing costs of raw material per unit of product

Therefore, the evaluation must take place based on the total product life circle and its other parts, from the extraction of raw material till its recycling. 
At this direction, there have been created various systems / tools (Life Cycle Analysis, LCA ), which are controlling the products life circle and their effect on the environment, starting from the environmental impact of the materials for their manufacture and reaching till the end of their lifetime circle. Specifically, the analysis is based on:

  1. Reduce of dangerous materials
  2. Reduce of energy consumption and remnants during the production process
  3. Reduce of transport distanced
  4. Friendly to the environment / smart package
  5. Consumer’s health during its use
  6. Product recycling

The new SLIM Office Series shows the way...

The company DROMEAS with a sense of responsibility to the environment and the next generations, incorporates the above systems / tools (LCA) for the development of its products. The study of the above analysis from the company’s designers and their collaboration with the manufacturing department, it contributes to the continuous product evolution and improvement which the company products, in order to respond completely to the category of «green» and environmental friendly products, according to the European Regulations.
Such an example is the creation of the office series SLIM from DROMEAS, under the competition conducted by the European Commission for its needs, and won the company DROMEAS. 
The technical standards of the above competition but also the rest of the other conditions emphasized the new ecological concept and philosophy with the requirement of observance of all the related technical specifications of the EC in all the materials and manufacturing technologies.
The series SLIM of DROMEAS responds to all the specifications and standards of the European Commission for the materials which compose the product and also the specifications and standards relating to the product, like ergonomics, endurance, duration and safety. It is also distinguished for its smart design, which in harmony with aesthetics it provides:

  • Minimal construction, which means less energy utilization for the production of raw material, but also less energy utilization  for the recycling after the end of the products lifetime.
  • Smart design which provides the easiest disconnection of the other parts succeeding less volume, therefore less energy consumption to the transportation too.  
  • In summary, the office series SLIM responds ecologically to all the steps, from the production of raw material until the completion of its life circle.

Also, all the products of DROMEAS are responding to the specifications which PEFC (Sustainable Forest Management) sets, with processes of which are protected the local societies, the future generations, avoiding the uncontrolled forest disaster, with parallel monitoring of the raw material quality.