DROMEAS has an ultramodern wood processing department armed with machines of last technology of the top designers globally.

Production process includes:

Surface cutting in various shapes and dimensions. To this specific category is included the cutting machine of the raw material which is controlled by the production management’s central computer, with the ability of cutting optimization according to stocks and current production orders.

Perimetrical surface finish

Surface upholstery with HPL, PVC or veneer.

Two engines of margin film upholstering are operating, with very large capacity per shift. Two processing centres are operating for coating curved surfaces for complete pieces in large amounts.

Accurate perforation

Lacquer or varnish paint for surfaces. For painting of wooden and glass surfaces operates an automated machine for paint applying and drying, with a conditioning system and infrared ray, with increased productivity per shift.

Parts’ control and packing

All the above processes are taking place with electronic guidance, assuring the total control of repeating and constant production quality. The factory\'s productivity in products of melamine in full processing, cutting, perimetrical finish, and perforation is 130m3 of raw material or equivalently 5.000 – 6.000 pieces of desk surface per 8 hours. The departments of varnish, lacquer paint as well as control and packing department have a similar productivity.