Tetra partitions

Tetra partitions

Tetra partitions designed with an aesthetic emphasis provide solutions for the arrangement of space with many possibilities for dimension, material and color combination.

The partitions TETRA  includes:

- mounted partitions at two heights 35 and 45cm

-floor partitions  in various dimensions


The desk tops have a thickness of 18 mm and are made either of double-side melamine film coated 3-layer chipboard E1, with plastic edge-banding of 2 mm thickness, or out of a 3-alyer chipboard upholstered with fabric or artificial leather.

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Tetra partitions

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Brochure (pdf format)

Short technical specification (pdf format)

Technical specification (pdf format)

Assembly drawing (link)

Users manual (link)

CAD Data (dwg format - The scale is defined by printing)