The horizontal partition wall system PLAISIO (floor to ceiling) with the vast range of wall sizes allows for unlimited interior modifications at working spaces.Also, the partitions PLAISIO are easy to shift (without any loss) and allow for the addition or reduction of modules thus permitting future configurations of space depending on the firm’s strategy and positioning.

The horizontal partitions PLAISIO consist of an internal load-bearing metal frame (vertical and horizontal perforated galvanized steel tubes with rectangular cross-section) on which panels of various materials are attached. The total thickness of the partition is 10cm.

The exceptional thermal insulation qualities of the partition can be further increased (optionally), through the use of layers of stone or glass wool. At doors and windows there are frames made of aluminium profile, painted with powder coating.
With special elements at the top and bottom areas, the partitions have full adjustment capability even to non-horizontal floors and ceilings.

The panels for the horizontal rigid partitions PLAISIO are made of a 3-layer chipboard with 18mm thickness, covered on both sides with oak veneer or melamine.

Doors have a 40mm thickness and are covered all over (including the edges) with HPL or with oak veneer. They are attached using stainless steel hinges and have safety locks.

Glass panels are 4mm thick and are attached with a special elastic seal to the window frames.

They can have blinds, either external (single glass) or internal (double glass).



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