VIP chair highest quality with impeccable aesthetics, functionality and anatomic design. Used by all directors of the European Commission.

Managerial swivel chair with a die-cast aluminium 5-star base, polished or powder coated.

The chair is height adjustable through a gas spring. The chair mechanism is a Synchro mechanism, made of die-cast aluminium and steel. It allows the synchronized movement of seat and backrest, with 7 locking positions.

The mechanism is equipped with an anti-panic function for smooth and controlled backrest return to normal position and with adjustment for the return and balance force, depending on the user weight.

The rear bottom edge of the backrest brings a special rotor for the height adjustment of the backrest.


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svipSeat height adjustment
For adjusting the seat height, you will find a lever A underneath the right side of the seat. While seated, pull the lever upwards to lower the seat height. When you take your weight off the seat and you pull the lever upwards, the seat rises.

svipTilt adjustment of the backrest
On the left side under the seat is a handle Bthat you can press upwards while seated. This activates the combined (synchronized) tilting mechanism of seat and backrest. There are seven different positions for a seat - back reclination.

svipThe backrest tension can be infinitely adjusted to your bodyweight via the
crank C which is located below the seat.

svipSeat Depth Adjustment
On the right side of the seat, there is a small button F. while seated, press this adjusting button and lean against the backrest. Then move the seat forward against the gas spring pressure and release the button when the seat reaches the desired position. The seat can be adjusted up to 5 cm.


svipAdjustment of the armrest
The height of the armrests can be adjusted using the G button.
Pushing the button and move the armrest up or down. When you find the desired height, release the button.
The surface of the armrests can be moved forward and backwards by pressing towards the desired direction.
The armrest pads can be rotated right and left with automatic locking in the preferred position.

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